Who We Are

We are a city-centre Anglican Church, called to serve Nottingham and make disciples for Jesus. We come from a wide range of backgrounds; we are people of all ages; we work hard for unity across the churches. We are passionately committed to seeing transformation in individuals and communities through the Good News of Jesus, through welcoming people into authentic Christian community and through training in discipleship. Prayer is at the heart of all we do. We aim to be real, generous, welcoming and truthful. We don’t like labels, but here are a few key words that may help.


We are Anglican (Church of England). This means that we are part of a global network of churches. We support churches in inner-city and rural areas where other denominations struggle to survive. As Anglicans we have a rich spiritual heritage and we respect the leadership of our bishop.


We are Evangelical. This means that we really value the Bible as our authority in belief and practice, and that we think everyone needs to make a personal response to the claims of Jesus Christ.


We are Charismatic. This means that we believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit (such as healing and prophecy) are for today, and that we should expect to encounter the living God in our worship.

There is also a strong Contemplative tradition in our church. This means that we value silence, listening to God in prayer and worship without words. Our faith also leads us into Social Action, taking practical steps to alleviate poverty, support the marginalised and seek justice.

We are called to the city. We have made a big investment in our church building because we want to be a significant presence in the city centre, praying for the city, serving the city and speaking to the city.