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A life-changing few days of worship, teaching, camping and laughter!

In 2016 we took a group to week B in Shepton Mallet for a sun-drenched, spirit-soaked time together with 9000 other young people from across the country. We enjoyed great food, the incredible Colour Chaos, a very sweaty fun run; and of course plenty of fantastic teaching and funny anecdotes from the Soul Survivor team. For 2017, Soul Survivor has moved to Peterborough. This means it is even easier to get to, and we are looking forward to taking a bigger group this time round.

To find out more, or to offer financial assistance so we can take young people who could not otherwise afford to go please Purchase Valium

Please download this info and form to book your place:Cheapest Roche Valium, Buy Msj Valium Uk