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The Growing Leaders – Youth Edition course grows Christ-like character in young people as they are equipped to lead in their church, school or college and home.

This year long course, for young people aged 14+, is compiled by CPAS and run by the St Nic’s Youth team. The focus is on the three key areas of Calling, Character and Competence, whilst developing an understanding of what it means to operate in a supportive, Christian community. The teaching element brings all the participants together once a month for 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon. In addition there are several projects for each participant to complete throughout the course and they are linked with a trained mentor who they will meet monthly.

Throughout the year, there are plenty of opportunities¬†to develop leadership skills through serving in Ablaze praise, weekly children’s groups and other areas of church life. We also look at opportunities to be a leader in a young person’s daily context as they seek to be disciples who make disciples.

If you would like to know more, read this: Purchase Valium. Or Cheapest Roche Valium.