STUDENT HUB is the main central provision and gathering point for our students. STUDENT HUB is all about creating space to consider what it means to live for Jesus as a student. We will be gathering to get to know one another, to worship together, to think about student-specific issues and to minister to one another.
Initially for three weeks in a row from Wednesday 3rd October at St Nic’s, STUDENT HUB will then be monthly after 17th October.


As a church we gather in missional communities during the week. There are some which are more student friendly and, from September 2018, we will be forming a new student-specific MC. There will be space in the first three weeks of STUDENT HUB to hear more about and sign up to a MC (but it’s never too late to join a MC!).


From 27th September 2018, we will be meeting as a student body every Thursday morning, 7am-8am at St Nic’s, during term time to worship and pray together, and once a month joining Nottingham City Prayer. We want to be a praying body of students, praying into our friends coming to know Christ and for revival amongst students in Nottingham.


We encourage church members to be part of a core group – a same-sex group of three to four people who gather together to pray and keep each other accountable. Although these groups are not centrally organised, we can help you form a core group if you need help.