Thursdays, 7pm @St Nics

Student Community is our weekly gathering for university students, or those of uni’ age. At Stu Comm we hope you will find friendship, community, and be inspired to take bold, adventurous steps of obedience in pursuit of Jesus.

What can you expect? As well as eating together (obviously!student-community-signup-buttonr), there’ll be some input which will help you to become a whole-life follower of Jesus. We know that Uni life is unlike any other phase of life that you will experience, so we want to help you respond to the student-specific challenges that you’ll face…How do I engage with the party culture? What about balancing work and play? How might my faith influence how I think about sex and relationships? While Stu Comm will be a safe place to explore these, the Stu Comm team have been sensing a call from God to be open to following him into the unexpected….So be prepared this year for the plan to go out the window!

St Nics is passionate about loving those most vulnerable in our city, and at Stu Comm we want to play our part. Initially, this will involve serving a meal, once a month, to young refugees and asylum seekers, offering them the same welcome and hospitality we have ourselves received.

This will be a fantastic year for you to grow in faith and obedience, to serve those in need and to find your place of belonging within St Nics.

Stu Comm kicks off on the 6th October, 7pm @St Nics. To find out more, or to sign up, click the blue box above.

Love Pete, Iona and Juliet