There are plenty of buses and trams that head into the city centre. The ‘Indigo’ is probably the most convenient bus, leaving from just outside the west, east and south entrances of University Park and by the QMC main entrance. It drops you right on Maid Marion Way, just up from the church. The 34 leaves from the centre of campus and will drop you in market square, as will the tram, which you can take from outside the south entrance.

Josh McHaffie
During the first few weeks of term, Josh has kindly agreed to meet with anyone who’d appreciate meeting with a current St Nics student and being accompanied to church. Drop Josh a message on 07864652038 in good time and he’ll arrange to meet you.


Easy-peasy! It’s just a short walk across the city centre from your students union. If you’d like someone to meet you beforehand, the wonderful Debbie Coates would be happy to do so. Drop her a message on 07910473230.
For those at Clifton, there are regular buses and trams into the market square.