At St Nic’s we’re passionate about becoming whole-life followers of Jesus.  We’re passionate about community, about developing relationships modelled on Jesus and we’re passionate about reaching our city with the good news of Christ.  If you choose to make St Nic’s your home whilst at university, we will disciple you – challenging and encouraging you as you grow as a follower of Jesus.  We will welcome you into our community with open arms and we will equip you in mission.  We love students to get stuck in at St Nic’s and we want to make that as easy for you as possible!

At St Nic’s we have a cross-generational family.  We have three Sunday services, ranging from a more relaxed and contemporary style (7pm and 10:30am) to a more formal style with hymns and liturgy (9am).  Most of our students prefer the evening service, although we love to welcome students at all services!  From October, we will be launching The Upper Room, a weekly time for students to hang out and eat together, as well as engage with student-specific teaching prior to the 7pm service.

During the week we meet in large groups called Missional Communities and in small, supportive groups called Core Groups.  These are great opportunities to get to know other members of St Nic’s, and not just students.

Want to find out more?  We’d love to buy you a coffee/tea/beer/[insert favourite drink!] and welcome you into town!  For now, check out the student links on the right to find out more about student life at St Nic’s or email us at

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We look forward to meeting you soon!

Love Ben and Emily
St Nic’s Student Workers

‘I decided to join St Nic’s after visiting a couple of other churches around Nottingham. Everyone was really welcoming and I quickly felt at home here. I love the opportunities that are available to meet with other students as well as the wider church community and since joining St Nic’s I have seen my faith grow.’ Katie



‘Before moving to Nottingham, I wasn’t sure about which church I wanted to go to; but St Nic’s provided a really welcoming atmosphere for students. There’s plenty of opportunity to get involved in all aspects of the church, which is great! I feel that while I’ve been here, I’ve really seen myself and other students grow in their faith.’ Matt



‘I love St Nic’s because of the people; they are so welcoming and actively involved in the community! I was encouraged to serve from the very beginning, which made it so much easier to get to know people. Being part of a core group and having a brilliant mentor has helped me to grow in my faith so much in my first year at uni.’ Kez


‘I chose St Nic’s due to the fact that as soon as I walked through the doors I felt like I had found an extended family here in Nottingham away from home, which is a big deal for me coming from Northern Ireland. The worship, teaching, the general atmosphere – just everything makes me so glad God has led me here.’ Adam