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bannerWorking for peace and safety on the streets of Nottingham

A bit more: Run out of the Malt Cross pub on Friar Lane, Street Pastors is a Christian based charity, comprised of volunteers from local churches, who head out in teams onto the streets of Nottingham on Friday and Saturday nights between 10pm and 3am. Street Pastors exists to care for, love, support, protect, listen to and encourage vulnerable people enjoying the night time economy. Whether it be an intoxicated young person who needs to be helped home, talking down a fight, giving first aid, or simply listening to someone who is lost and burdened, Street Pastors are there to help.

Find out more:

Volunteer roles:

* ‘Street Pastor’ – head out into the city once a month on either a Friday or Saturday night. Full training, including sign-posting, drug and alcohol, first aid etc is provided prior to involvement.

* ‘Prayer Pastor’ – covering the outreach teams in prayer

To volunteer or find out more: Speak toHannah baker or Pete Rogers. Alternatively, send your name, contact details and mention Street Pastors, to