bannerDistributing food parcels and household items to local residents in need

A bit more: The Food Store was setup in December 2012 as the area experienced a huge increase in people going through financial crisis and therefore requiring support with basic needs. Those who access the Food Store include families with young children, pensioners, disabled persons as well as those who are homeless or in a period of transition in their life.

How can I help?

* Donate items. The Food Store aims to respond to current local need. Therefore, keep your eye on social media & email as we will periodically ask for donations of particular items. For now, the items on the Food Store’s website are a good guide. Simply add your donation to the box at the back of church and we will get the items to the Food Store.

* Donate financially. This can done online, by text, cheque or standing order. Details here:

To volunteer or find out more: Speak to Anna Allen. Alternatively, send your name, contact details and mention Food Store, to