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sffc-logoStabilising families at times of crisis; preventing child neglect and abuse; reduce the number of children taken into care

A bit more: Working in conjunction with partnering local authorities, Safe Families puts volunteers from faith communities around families crisis, enable them to stay together and reduce the number of children going into care. The care provided by Safe Families volunteers can make a crucial difference for families in crisis, preventing the need for the children to enter the care system through early intervention, allowing the family time to get back on their feet.

Find out more: Purchase Valium

Volunteer roles:

* ‘Host Family’ – taking children into your home on a short-term basis, givging parents much needed space to deal with the pressing issues

* ‘Family Friend’ – befriending, mentoring and supporting parents through their crisis

* ‘Resource friend’ – using your networks to provide useful goods or skills to families in need, such as a cot, clothing, help around the house or garden etc

To volunteer or find out more: Speak to David & Elly Duncan, or Alison Davies. Alternatively, send your name, contact details and mention Safe Families, to