ngy-myplace-logongy-myplace-logologoA centre for all of Nottingham’s young people

A bit more: NGY myplace, located on Castle Gate just round the corner from St Nics, is open seven days a week and offers young people aged 13-19 a wide range of activities from music and film production, to dance, fitness sessions, courses, health and wellbeing support and somewhere just to meet friends, relax and talk to support workers.

As many of the young people who access the centre display a variety of complex social and practical needs, NGY myplace hosts a number of private, voluntary, and statutory bodies to offer a one-stop-shop for support and advice on employment and training, health, and housing issues.

How can I help?:

  • volunteer in the centre on Sunday afternoons or Thursday nights
  • do you have a particular skill of hobby that you could teach the young people? This could be anything from knitting to songwriting, from baking to dance, or from bicycle building to drawing (or anything in-between!)

Find out more:

To volunteer or find out more: Speak to Alex Rainbow or Phil Nicholls. Alternatively, send your name, contact details and mention NGY myplace, to