St Nic's In The City

Serving those in need is at the beating heart of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We are called to be representatives of the risen Jesus in the darkest corners of our city. We are called to be St Nic’s in the City.

This calling has led us into active partnership with the variety of organisation seen here. These partners are diverse and so our relationship with each is different, some are St Nic’s based ministries others national charities working locally, yet all share our passion to serve Nottingham. This diversity allows us as St Nics member’s great variety of ways to support, serve and get involved!

You can read about each partner on these pages. Each of our partners has a Key Contact – a member of St Nic’s who is the link between us and the organisation. To find out who they are, click through these pages or chat to Andy Day.