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Cheap Valium Wholesale, Valium For Sale Online

Open Book is a fortnightly group for people who want to spend time studying the Bible so that we can live better lives – lives that are more useful to others, joyful and faithful.

Each evening  is focused on a section of the Bible. We spend some time examining the Bible, often in pairs and small groups before pooling our thoughts. We then spend a few minutes in reflection and prayer.

The exact format will vary from one session to another, but each evening will give you a chance to dig deep into the Bible passage, listen to others, contribute your own thoughts, and consider your response.  If you have been involved in small group Bible studies in the past, this may be a little different to what you are used to!

Everyone isPeter Maggie Bates welcome, whether you know a little or a lot; whether you believe every word of the Bible, or feel unsure. We simply consider how the message of the Bible could affect our lives.

All Bible meetings start at 7.30pm and finish by 9.30pm. We have occasional social evenings too, that start around 8pm, usually at a pub where there is parking, room to sit and friendly informal chat.  For more information contact Maggie and Peter Bates or email Purchase Valium