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Being a committed follower of Jesus affects our whole life. Financial giving is not just a practical act, it is more significant than that. Giving is a spiritual discipline. In the St Nic’s annual calendar we have a Firstfruts Sunday at which we encourage all our members to review what they give week by week or month by month.

The church needs money in order to function. We spend about £6,000 each week! There are salaries; our parish share, which is our contribution to the work of the diocese; giving to outreach projects with which we are identified; and support for our mission partners. Our annual expenditure is possible only through the generous giving of the members of the church.

Although we take a collection at most of our services most St Nic’s members give regularly by one of the methods outlined below. If you see yourself as part of St Nic’s, we encourage you to consider giving regularly to support the church in its ministry by one of these means:


Buy Diazepam Wholesale, Where Can I Buy Diazepam 5Mg

This is the most convenient method of supporting the church. You complete the Standing Order section in the enclosed form and your donations are transferred automatically from your bank account to the church’s account. You may give monthly, quarterly or annually.  Standing orders can be reviewed regularly and amended as instructed by you. (Standing orders can be created or revised online. If you choose to do this please don’t forget to let the church office know.)



The church’s bank is:
Santander UK plc
Bridle Road,
Sort code & Account number:
Account name:
Parochial Church Council of
St Nicholas’ Church


If you are a UK Tax payer then you can download, fill in and return the Gift Aid Purchase Valium to enable us ti reclaim the Tax.. If you wish to download a Standing order form click Cheapest Roche Valium