The city is changing and there’s constant redevelopment. St Nic’s has a building next to the church which we call the Children’s Centre, as it is used for St Nic’s Kids groups on a Sunday, as well as being used by a whole range of other groups throughout the week.

We have outgrown our current facilities. The Children’s Centre has become inadequate for our present and future needs. There is an increasing requirement for more operational space, large social space, utility areas and income generation areas.

We are hoping to use the existing building but redevelop it into a new Church Community Centre. Community is part of our DNA at St Nic’s – it’s who we are. We pray that the new centre will be a place of welcome in the city where people will be met with a bright, modern, fit-for-purpose space where relationships can be built.



Have a read of these slides from a presentation given at our APCM in April 2019.

Check out the wall on the balcony in church for the latest updates.