Young Adults

YAWe have a growing number of 20’s and 30’s who are making St Nics their spiritual home. We know this is a busy time of life with many key transition points…leaving home; graduating from university; entering the working world; starting a family, to name a few. We want to support you through this busy period of life, creating an environment where you can find rest, be resourced for the Christian life, find opportunities to serve and to discover and develop leadership skills.

Within St Nics we encourage you to adopt 3 places of belonging, the 3 C’s, if you will!

1) Congregation. Make the 9am, 10.30am or 6.30pm service your ‘home’ and get to know the community of people there. More info here.
2) CommunityBecome an active member of a St Nic’s Community. There are several to choose from, with a range of mission focuses and common interests. You are welcome to drop into two or three as you work out where to land.
3) Core Group. Small, same-sex accountability groups of 3 or 4. More info here.