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More Than A Feeling – Spring 2018

Looking at how many feelings in modern society are seen as commodities that can be manufactured, we instead explore how feelings such as happiness, intimacy, and peace are portrayed in the Bible as more than just a feeling.

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Blunt Wisdom: Faith and Action in the Letter of James – Spring 2018

Often referred to as ‘the Proverbs of the New Testament,’ the letter of James is filled with pithy and punchy wisdom.

This wisdom hasn’t always been well received within the church however, with Martin Luther (in)famously denouncing James’ work as ‘an epistle of straw’. Luther’s fear was that James’ emphasis work contradicted Paul’s emphasis on faith.

However, far from contradicting Paul’s talk of justification by faith (Galatians 2.16), James complements this message by stressing the need for saving faith to be outworked in practice (James 2. vv. 14-17). The aim of this series is therefore to explore how the blunt wisdom offered by James can help us to put our Christian faith into practice.

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Habbakkuk: Strong Faith in Confusing Times – Spring 2018

We know next to nothing about the prophet Habakkuk. Given the content of his prophecy, and its focus on the emergence of Babylon as a regional power (from around 612BC), it would seem that he was writing at a similar time to Jeremiah and Zephaniah, or slightly earlier.

Habakkuk is characterised by direct, lamenting, engagement with God about contemporary developments. Habakkuk complains, God answers and Habakkuk responds in prayer. The prophet is deeply disturbed by moral decline within his own society, and uncontrollable threats arising from the shifting geo-political scene around Israel. Where is God in all this? Why does he seem so inactive? What does it mean to live as the people of God in such unpromising circumstances? Is it worth trying to live faithfully when ungodliness seems so rewarding?

These themes and questions are very relevant to where we find ourselves in the UK in 2018. Lent is a very appropriate time to engage with the prophecy of Habakkuk.

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Honest Conversations with God: A Journey Through the Psalms – Spring 2018

The book of Psalms constitute an incredible resource for the worshipping life of the church, providing a diverse range of poetry, prayer and songs of praise. Strikingly, within this collection there is great openness and an ability to reflect the highs and lows of life with God. During Lent, we will therefore make our home in the Psalms so as to help us have some honest conversations with God.

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Epiphany: Gifts of the Magi – Winter 2018

Having celebrated his arrival at Christmas, the season of Epiphany invites us to reflect upon who Jesus is revealed to be in scripture. Inspired by the magi’s gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, we will spend the last three weeks of January considering the importance and implications of Christ’s kingship, divinity and mortality.

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A Life Worth Living – Autumn 2017

A Life Worth Living is based on the book of Philippians, this series is particularly good for newer Christians. Structured using Nicky Gumbel’s book, also called “A Life Worth Living,” this course looks at six topics over the course including “New Heart,” “New Attitude” and “New Ambition”.

Outline notes for the series can be found at and are suitable for use in Core Groups and Missional Communities!

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Jesus and the City Gods – Autumn 2017

The return of a popular series, ‘Jesus and the City Gods’ is particularly aimed at students coming to Nottingham where they will be ‘initiated’ into the worship of the city gods during their first term. But this series should help everyone understand the contemporary culture of the city from a Christian perspective.

It is really important that we acknowledge the goodness of God’s gifts, whether that is power, knowledge, food & drink, etc. These things are good. We make them dangerous when we exalt them to a position that belongs to God.

Most of the passages are drawn from the Corinthian letters as Corinth was a metropolis where the city gods were very evident. The second readings point to Jesus and give an opportunity to preach the gospel.

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Everyone In – Autumn 2017

A brief series intended to re-affirm church values and to outline expectations of what is means to be a committed member of St Nic’s

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Signs of Life: A Summer Spiritual Health Check – Summer 2017

In biological terms, there are seven signs of life: movement, respiration, sensitivity, growth, reproduction, excretion and nutrition. This summer, we will be investigating seven signs of life with God, in order to explore what it means to be alive in Christ. Surveying several key themes in scripture, we hope this will serve as a spiritual health check for us, both as individual disciples and as a church community.

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