Acts of the Apostles: Adventures of the Early Church – Summer 2018

From the highs of Holy Spirit encounters and church growth, to the challenges of external persecution and internal disagreement, the book of Acts gives us a glimpse of the early days of the church.

Beginning on Pentecost Sunday, we will be journeying alongside the early church and its attempts to get to grips with what it meant to follow the way of Jesus. As we wrestle with this same question in 21st century Nottingham, the aim of this series is to be inspire St Nic’s by stories of how it all began.

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Third Person: Exploring the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit – Summer 2018

The Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity, is present throughout the story of Scripture and His work is foundational to the life of faith.

Despite this, the Holy Spirit has been referred to as the Forgotten God, often relegated to an impersonal force or neglected altogether, mentioned only at the end of prayers/liturgical formulas. The purpose of this series is therefore to explore the person and work of the Spirit, in order to gain a glimpse of His central role in the life, worship and ministry of the Church.

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