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Below is a table giving some brief outline information relating to the service focus for the services this term. It will be added to as the details become available. If you are looking at this page because you are reading in church on Sunday please check against the appropriate week. If you cannot find the information you are looking for then feel free to email us. The sermon notes for the current series can also be found at the bottom of this page.

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May 5Love1 John 4:7-12Lorna HamiltonKeith Smith
May 12The Greatest CommandmentMark 12:28-34SteveMichael LydenFostering Sunday
May 19Listen & Love //
Heart kardia (emotional life)
2 Samuel 6:12-23
John 12:1-8
Fran FinnSteveStudent Lunch
Newcomers Lunch
May 26Listen & Love //
Soul psyche (inner life/will)
Psalm 84
Matthew 26:36-46
Lorna HamiltonGarrethNCCC Joint Lunch
June 2Listen & Love //
Mind phronesis (intellectual life)
Acts 17:10-34
2 Corinthians 10:1-5
SteveIan Paul
June 9Listen & Love //
Colossians 1:24-2:3
Acts 1:1-8, 2:1-4
Steve/RichTina HaysCOMMUNION
June 16Talking Jesus 1Luke 8:4-56GarrethSteveFathers Day
Ablaze Praise
June 23Talking Jesus 2Matthew 19:16-23SteveAndy Flannagan
June 30Talking Jesus 3John 1:45-51GarrethEmilyCOMMUNION
July 7Talking Jesus 4John 5:15SteveJohn Blakeley
July 14Talking Jesus 5Luke 10:38-42GarrethCafe Church?COMMUNION
Steve away
July 21Talking Jesus 6Luke 5:1-11John BlakeleyGarrethSteve away