The Day When Jesus Was Dead

Written by Angelika Bocchetti Have you ever explained what Easter is all about to someone and said something like: ‘On Easter we celebrate that Jesus died for us and rose again’? Last year, when Holy Week was getting closer, I realised that this was how I thought about Easter. I didn’t really know what to do … Continued

Student Hub // Degrees & Deadlines (Part 1)

As we were unable to meet for Student Hub in March, we thought we would produce two blogs looking at the topic that we would have been covering.  This is the first part of two. The chances are that we will all feel slightly different about the degrees we are studying – especially by this … Continued

Travelling with Options Closed

This blog summarises the teaching from St Nic’s at Home last Sunday.  The reflection questions could either be used individually, in a Core Group or Community. Click here to catch up on the service. During St Nic’s at Home last Sunday, we thought about what it might look like for us to Travel with Options … Continued

How To Thrive When Social Distancing

The last few weeks have been a crazy whirlwind of government advice, constant coronavirus news and mass stockpiling (who knew we cared so much about toilet paper?).  Terms we’d barely even heard before 2020, like ‘self-isolating’ and ‘social distancing’, have found their way into normal everyday vocabulary, and yet we’re still working out exactly what … Continued

The Dreaded Question

Written by Emily Huggard As we pass the halfway point in the academic year and final exams and deadlines begin to loom, there is one question that all final year students dread facing – what are you doing next year?  Whether the question is from a well-meaning auntie, a friendly lecturer, a pushy parent or … Continued