Before coming to Nottingham, I had a list of churches to try. I knew that what I wanted was a welcoming church that was enjoyable to attend. The first church I went to was St Nic’s and it was exactly what I was looking for. The Bible teaching is really good, the worship is lively and upbeat.  Everyone was really friendly and I was made to feel so welcome. There were also lots of things to go to that helped me make friends with the other students.  I knew instantly that I had found the church for me.

Computer Science, University of Nottingham

In the summer before I moved to Nottingham, I was praying about which church God wanted me at. I was using the Fusion app to search for churches in the area, and He pointed out St Nic’s to me pretty early on. When I got to Nottingham, I realised why: it’s such a friendly and loving group of people with an awesome vision for the city. The teaching, worship and community are so great, and it has become a home away from home for me!

Theology, University of Nottingham

Being a part of St Nic’s has meant that I’ve been able to feel stable and whilst away from home. Finding a church was always high up on the list of what to do when I first left home for university and the youth workers certainly made it easy for me! A sense of welcoming, fellowship and encouragement were all things I sought after; all things that I found here. The great mix of traditional worship, contemporary music and the broad range of ways to get involved is what makes me want to come back every week.

Audio and Music Technology, Nottingham Trent University

Upon arriving at University I was really struggling with my faith and finding it hard to settle into a church. I was drawn to St. Nics because it had a smaller student community than other churches and is a lot like my church at home. Everyone at St. Nics was really welcoming and I can now say that I am enjoying church and beginning to rebuild my faith again.

Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University