At St Nic’s we love to put on events for students to come along to and invite their friends to. Throughout the year, we’ll be hosting a number of different events such as a Christmas Social and a Summer BBQ.

Student Lunch is a St Nic’s favourite, happening every four weeks, and kicking off with a delicious lunch at Steve and Jane’s house on 1st October 2017. This will be a great chance to relax, catch up and meet other students, as well as enjoy some home-cooked food after a busy freshers week!

We also love to sporadically treat students (and the rest of the church) to desserts after the 7pm service. The next date for this is 8th October 2017.

Student Walks are another St Nic’s favourite – a chance for students to escape the city, get some fresh air and get to know other church members better! Our first student walk will be 21st October 2017. Be sure to keep the date free!