At St Nic’s, we know that students feel most at home by knowing other non-student members of the church. There are many ways this can happen:

Ask us to link you up with another member of St Nic’s as your HOME FROM HOMEThey will love you, look out for you, have you round for meals and help you get stuck into St Nic’s more.

Ask us to find you a MENTOR. We always have more to learn in our relationship with God and one way of growing is by being mentored by someone a bit further on in life. We have plenty of young and older adults ready to mentor you, so let us know if you would like to link you up.

Get stuck in SERVING. We love students serving as part of the body of our church and we know this is a great way for you to feel part of the family. If you’re looking for a way to serve at St Nic’s, have a chat with a member of the STUDENT TEAM.