At St Nic’s we love having students as part of our church family. We’re passionate about seeing students grow in faith, in their love for God and in the way they live that out. We recognise both the need for students to receive teaching and encouragement specific to their season of life, and the need for students to be integrated into the rest of the church family, doing life and serving in church alongside people at different life-stages.

We’re all about discipleship at St Nic’s, and seek to grow together as followers of Jesus. This means spending time with Jesus, becoming more like Jesus and doing what Jesus did. We’re passionate at St Nic’s about students both in and outside the church. We believe God’s doing some really exciting things across Nottingham at the moment, and we want to be praying into and being a part of that as the students at St Nic’s.

We have three Sunday services, with different, but complimentary, teaching across the morning and evening. Our 9am service is our most traditional and reflective service. 10.30am is livelier, with a family feel. The 6.30pm is a contemporary service, with more breathing space, and is where most of our young adults and students tend to go.

There is a meal on offer for students every Sunday during term time – normally an evening meal (STUDENT TEA) at 5.15pm before the evening service, but replaced with STUDENT LUNCH after the 10.30 service about once a month.

Once a month, we meet as a student body for STUDENT HUB. This is where we gather for student- specific-teaching, worship and time to minister to one another. The rest of the time we meet in medium-sized groups called St Nic’s Communities, smaller, supportive Core Groups and once a week on Thursday mornings for STUDENT PRAYER.

We recognise that students feel most at home in church when they know other people outside the student bubble. This is why we’re keen to link you up with families and older people in the church, who can look out for you, feed you and help you get more linked in with the wider church.

Want to find out more? A member of the Student Team would love to meet up with you to treat you to a coffee whether you’ve decided to come to St Nic’s or are still exploring. Get in touch with us by emailing

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