St Nic's In The City

Here at St Nics we are passionate about the city of Nottingham. We have chosen to partner with the projects, charities and organisations you’ll find in these pages because we share their passion for serving their particular area of need in the city. For some, we have committed to support their work financially; for all of the partners, we have committed to actively participate in their work.  As you read about each project, we hope you are inspired to join in. Simply find the person(s) connected to each project in church for an informal conversation, or send your contact information and the project you are interested in to, or speak to Andy Day at church. Be aware that for each partner there are varying levels of participation: even if you can’t serve ‘on the frontline’, there will be opportunities to help behind the scenes and to commit that particular work into your prayers.

In addition to these partnerships, there are two pieces of service provision that are in the early stages of exploration.  The first is a language school which will provide refugees and asylum seekers with much needed support with as they make their way in a new country. The second is a recovery course for those with a variety of addictions. As a city-centre church, both of these ventures are vital as we encounter those most acutely in need right on our doorstep. Keep your eyes peeled for more on these in the coming months.

‘Serving the poor’, in the broadest sense of the term, is at the beating heart of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. As Bishop Paul Williams recently remarked, “Social action is the greatest accelerator of Christian discipleship we have”. We are called to be representatives of the risen Jesus in the darkest corners of our city. We are called to be ‘St Nics in the City’.