Exploring how the message of the Bible can seriously change our lives for the better.

We are a group for people who want to spend time studying and discussing the Bible so that we all can live better lives – lives that are closer to God, more useful to others, joyful and faithful.

Each meeting is focused on a section of the Bible. We spend time reading and talking about what it means, often in pairs and small groups and then pool our thoughts. We then spend a few minutes in reflection and prayer.

The format varies but gives you a chance to dig deep into the Bible passage, listen to others, contribute your own thoughts, and consider your response. We meet 7.30-9.30PM.

Everyone is welcome, whether you know a little or a lot; whether you believe every word of the Bible, or feel unsure.

For more information or to join this Community, click here or email Open Book.


Community Leaders: Peter & Maggie Bates

Meeting Day: Thursday

Location: Sherwood (96 Burlington Road, NG5 2GS)