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Brand Valium Online

Online Valium Sales, Buy Terapia Diazepam

Our voices are a gift from God and here at Accord we love to sing – and we love to sing together!

Our community choir is a place of belonging for those of faith and for those of none. We want to reach out to those beyond the church and so anyone who enjoys singing is encouraged to join us. We are a place where you can make new friends, have fun together and encounter God in a welcoming, informal musical environment.

We rehearse fortnightly on a Friday evening at St Nic’s at 7.45pm (join us for cake from 7.15pm!). It doesn’t matter if you’ve never sung in a choir before or if you don’t read music. The songs we do are accessible to all. We also meet once a month as small groups (Encore) where we engage in a Discovery Bible Study for anyone who is interested.

We are a diverse group of people with a shared love of singing. If you enjoy singing we would love you to join us. You can email us Purchase Valium.