We have a number of events and services happening during Holy Week. Here is a run down with information about each event!


Urban Retreat

The word ‘retreat’ often brings to mind images of ivy-clad old houses in country settings. However, we need to be able to be still, listen to God and know his presence in the midst of our busy lives and urban landscape.

The 2018 Urban Retreat will be held on the mornings of Monday, 26 – Wednesday, 28 March.

Based on Jesus prayer in John: 17, the theme of the retreat is ‘praying with Jesus’. Each day there will be a mixture of time together and time alone with creative ideas for prayer and meditation. Opening at 9.30am with tea & coffee for a 10.00am start, each morning will end with a simple lunch at 12.30pm. Monday and Tuesday at St Nic’s (NG1 6AE), Wednesday at St Mary’s (NG1 1HN).

The retreat is designed to appeal to all. Members of all churches are welcome! If you’d like to come along to one of more of the mornings, please sign up here.


Central Prayer

As part of Holy Week we are holding a Central Prayer meeting, 7.30pm for an 8.00pm start, on Thursday, 29 March.

As it is also Maundy Thursday we will be offering communion and foot washing as part of Central Prayer. We look forward to seeing you there!


Good Friday

We will be holding a Good Friday Service at 12.00pm (noon) on the 30th March.

There will be readings and meditations based around the gospel accounts of the crucifixion, together with hymns, songs and other music.

It will be a reflective service and it might be time which could be enjoyed by people who may not come to church regularly, but who like to mark the major occasions in the church year (so bring your friends!)


Easter Sunday

Our services on Easter Sunday will be at the usual times: 9am, 10.30am and 7pm.